Saturday, November 22, 2008

Neutering II

For a few days, I had to watch him closely.

After the surgery on the same day, all Monkey could have is water, ice cubes, and a little bit of food. Water for thirst, ice cubes to make his stomach feel better...the doctor said he may feel nauseous from stress and medication. Since he had no food the whole day, he would gobble down the only small portions were allowed.

He had 2 incision marks...which hurt to see! There were no visible stitches, since the doctor used the absorbable ones.

The Elizabethan collar looked way too big for his small body. Monkey was bumping into things while carrying this big thing around his neck. I wanted to take it off for him but could not risk any complications as a result of him licking the surgery area. He had trouble going into the litterbox too. That's when I thought that it should come off. I decided to wait till the morning.

Monkey was looking better in the morning...more awake. He was even running around..just bumping into things. His wound seemed fine too. I decided to take the collar off. I went to work wishing he wouldn't irritate the wound.

When I came home, he greeted me like he usually does. I checked him, and everything was fine. All there was left was to wait for his skin to heal.

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