Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Essential Items For Cat Owners

Monkey's supplies:
  • litterbox & litterbox cover/hood
  • litter tracking mat
  • cat litter (clumping litter) & scoop
  • scratching post
  • cat bed/hut
  • food & water bowl
  • dry catfood (I started with Purina Catchow, and now trying out Purina Healthful Life)
  • wet catfood (occasional snack)
  • Greenies (dental chews/snack)
  • toys & stuffed animals
  • heating pad for bed (for extra warmth)
  • soft blankets & pillows for naps
  • grooming wipes ("earthbath")
  • ear cleaning solution
  • Q-tips & tissues
  • Pet toothbrush & paste
  • LoTs of LoVe <3...and he returns it too.


Shin said...

Why are Monkey's eyes closed in every picture? =P

Monkey80 said...

haha I know!
I make him look so will see more "awake" pictures soon.