Saturday, November 22, 2008

Neutering I

Monkey got neutered at 6 months of age.
The day before the surgery, I was advised to give him dinner that is less than the usual amount...that part was easy.

I had to go drop him off at the hospital at 7:30AM. I saw other puppies and kittens waiting there for the same surgery. I filled out some papers, and now just waited for them to call his name. It was my first time away from Monkey. I immediately started to miss him as the nurse took him inside and closed the door. I came back home...and saw all of Monkey's stuff...his house, toys, food bowls...I could not relax. I tried to keep myself busy and be productive. But still, I missed him so much.

It was 4PM when the hospital called me and told me Monkey will be ready to go home in about 30 min and asked me if I can come pick him up at 5PM. I was like, I can pick him up at 4:30!

I arrived at the hospital and told them that I'm Monkey's owner. I waited a few minutes, and the nurse brought out a petcab...and there he was, my Monkeypie. Only then, could I be at ease. He seemed to be a little out of it and had a plastic Elizabethan collar on. I was just glad to hold him again.

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